Board Proposal Template

Download this template as a Word doc.

Proposal Name:

Brought by:

Author of the proposal

Proposed Sponsor:

(Optional) Member of the board who will sponsor your proposal

Date of creation:

When did you write it?)

I (we) bring a proposal to:

Wording of the proposal (preferably in bold)

Effective Date or Implementation Deadline:

If a policy, when does it start? If a program, when does it need to get done by?


What is the history of this issue? Why is it being brought up?

Reference to Current Policy:

What is the current policy on this Also, if a new policy where does the new policy go? Or if a change to the old policy, how should the old policy be amended. For example: "The proposal should be added to section ***list the number of the section here*** of the Standing Rules (also preferably in bold)." If you don't know you may have to look it up in the Standing Rules, ask a Board Rep for assistance, or e-mail the Committee Coordinator. If it is a program not a policy, then the reference to the location in the Standing Rules may be unnecessary.

Pros: Why is your proposal an improvement?

  1. Pro #1
  2. Pro #2
  3. etc.

Objections, Issues of Consideration, or Tradeoffs:

Phrase this as you please. The point is to raise important issues which the Board should take into consideration when deciding on your proposal.

  1. Objection #1
  2. Objection #2
  3. etc.

Responses to Objections: (Optional)

I like to address what I think people will see as problems with my proposals

  1. Answer to Objection #1
  2. Answer to Objection #2
  3. etc.

Source of funding:

If you are asking for money, where in the budget do you think that money should come from? For example "The $2000 for a new computer in the office should come from the office equipment section of the budget and from an ICC wide bake-sale."

Responsible Party:

Whose job is it to make sure this gets done?