Member Center

Welcome to the Co-op Member Center. Here you'll find info on House Operations, Email Lists, Finances, Maintenance, and Move-in/Move-out. We've also assembled some additional resources of interest, including links to other co-ops in Austin and around the country.

House Operations

Coop Week and New Member Orientation

New Member Orientation is a meeting for all new members soon after move in. We encourage all new (and current) members to attend orientation. There is free food and it is a great way to learn more about co-ops and meet other members at all of the houses!

Coop Week is a week of training sessions for all of the newly elected officers and is another great way to meet ICC members. Click here for House Officer Descriptions

At the beginning of each semester, house meetings will begin. You will want to ask your house when your meetings are and attend those meetings. Elections for house officer positions will be held at first house meeting.

Conflict Resolution

ICC promotes a healthy conflict resolution process. Working through problems as a group is fundamental to cooperation. Conflict is a normal and healthy part of life, but many of us have not been trained to deal with conflict effectively. ICC's Conflict Resolution Manual includes a variety of resources for helping to resolve tensions and conflicts that might arise in your housing cooperative. This handbook shares a broad understanding of conflict, strategies for alleviating tensions before they turn into conflicts, basics of an ideal conflict resolution, and tips and suggestions for dealing with conflict.

Click below to access a PDF file of ICC's Conflict Resolution Manual.

  • Conflict Resolution Manual
  • PA & Projector Calendar & Reservations

    To reserve the PA or projector for house events, email staff and we will add your reservation to the calendar.

    Sample House Manual

    Each ICC House should have a manual that includes house specific policies and procedures. This manual is a record of house decisions, policies, and traditions and should be kept up to date. The house manual can be amended at house meetings according to your house voting policy. Click here for a sample house manual (PDF format).

    Sample Plan for the First House Meeting

    The first meeting of the semester is crucial, because that's when new members will (hopefully) learn important information. Here's a sample agenda.

    How to Manage "Interim"

    Interim is the time from the end of the semester through the first meeting of the next semester. See how to make your interim time go smoothly.

    How to Write a Board Proposal

    Want to change a policy in ICC? As a part owner of ICC, you have the power. Here's how to write a board proposal, including a proposal template that you can use.