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Seneca Falls Co-op

2309 Nueces, Austin TX 78705
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The Basics of Our House

Designed for graduate and upper-division students, Seneca offers a studious and responsible, yet relaxed atmosphere. The house features central air and a back deck. With 19 members and many single rooms available, the house strikes a healthy balance between community and personal space. The co-op strives to be health- and environment-conscious. Vegetarian food is served at dinner but the house is more than happy to provide began or meat options at the request of the members.

Our Community Structure

Seneca is considered a primarily upper division and graduate house, but we welcome mature lower-division applicants.

Our food is primarily vegetarian. However, meat or vegan options will be provided at the discretion of the house members. Dinner is served Sunday through Thursday around 7:00 pm.

House meetings are every other Sunday at 7:00 sharp. Meeting times may be revised by house vote at the beginning of each semester. Attendance is mandatory.

Everyone at Seneca has the distinct honor of performing 5 hours of service to his/her housemates each week, as well as one five hour labor holiday each semester. If house members will be away from the house (vacations, etc.), they must find someone to do their labor. If no one can be found to do the labor they must notify the labor czar that no one was found to do their labor.

Smoking is allowed in designated areas of the house determined by the members (never common areas). Quiet hours are 11pm-10am, Sunday-Thursday and 3am-11am on weekends. Quiet hours may be revised by house vote at the beginning of each semester. All pets must be voted into the house. Dogs and cats must be flea-proofed and must have all necessary shots. Seneca has a 3 pet maximum.

Limited off-street parking is available to house members only. Before using driveway parking members must leave a copy of their key with the house. Guest parking is restricted: guests may not park in the driveway at any time. If a guest parks in the driveway, the member who the guest is visiting will be fined $5. If a member forgets to leave their keys when they are parking in the driveway the member will be fined $5. Fines increase in $5 increments for repeated parking violations.

Seneca is a beautiful, clean, studious environment, and though we take our studies seriously, we have been known to play hard, as well, throwing several parties each semester and organizing various house bonding events. The house itself, located two blocks from campus, is newly remodeled and has central A/C, ethernet access in each room, a jungle-like back yard with a delightful garden patio and fire pit, a spacious living/dining area, two large common areas, and a television/VCR available to all members. The house subscribes to the New York Times.

The Application Process

Because we are interested in getting to know potential housemates before they move in, we ask that they fill out a brief application and attend at least one house dinner before moving in. The purpose of this policy is not to screen applicants for personal beliefs, political affiliations, social status (whatever that means) or any other such criteria, but for applicants to make sure that Seneca's style of co-op living is something in which they are truly interested in participating. Please note that this process takes place entirely at the house level and is independent of ICC's application process.

If you are interested in living at Seneca, please see our member site for more detailed information about the process and an application in PDF format.

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