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French House Co-op

710 W. 21st St., Austin TX 78705
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The Basics of Our House

You don't have to speak French to live at French House! Located four blocks from the UT campus, French House is graduate/upper division student house with room for 20 people. The relaxed, fairly quiet crowd enjoys large commons areas with wood floors and windows galore.

Frenchies take pride in their meals (sorry, no veggie options) and well-managed home. Because members prefer conversing with each other, TVs stay in private rooms except for special events.

Our Community Structure

Prospective members who are not upper-division or graduate students are only allowed in French House if the waitlist to get into French House is empty. This summer, many spots have opened up, so underclassmen will be allowed to join French House over the summer leasing term.

House meetings are every fortnight, generally on Sunday nights following dinner. Attendance is strongly encouraged. Members are responsible for reading the meeting minutes if they miss the meeting.

Dinners are served Sunday through Thursday night at 7:00 pm. A veggie option may not be available. The kitchen is open 24 hours, and food is available to all members unless it is personal food or food dedicated to the preparation of a meal.

We outlaw the use of television in our common areas, except for special events such as house movie night. Personal televisions are welcome, so long as they remain in members' rooms. Quiet hours are not defined, but consideration is important. If you are asked by a housemate to lower your noise level you must respect that request.

Pets are not allowed at French House.

Smoking is not allowed in any part of the house, including personal areas. Smoking is only permitted outside the house.

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